Giant Domains … who we are

We bought our first Domain name in 1998; they were expensive then but the Internet was still in its infancy and few could have envisioned what was to follow.

We needed names for our own design projects, some of which worked, others didn’t, and we gradually built up a reserve of names we liked but didn’t have time to work on. It soon became apparent that people were often very casual about taking care of the names they had previously bought. Many good names simply lapsed … which is how the aftermarket began

As our portfolio expanded, we would often receive email and phone enquiries from prospective buyers looking for their own special names, which from time to time, we would sell. But it was all very hit and miss until we picked up the name giantdomains.com in 2010 and started to get serious about marketing our portfolio

We built a site which served us well for a number of years until it became clear we needed a better shop-window for our various ventures. The site you are seeing now is relatively embryonic but if you stick with us you will see just how much we believe in our concept and how determined we are to increase our position in the pecking order of Domain Name Resellers.

We are still relatively small outfit. Our HQ is in the UK and our Design Team is based in India … but we can only get better!

Your Business needs an identity, our Business can help you create one.

Our Vision …

To develop a dynamic, all-encompassing service for the Domain Industry, supplying aftermarket names and new registrations along with an innovative and competitive hosting and design service.

Our Mission …

To maintain a wide-ranging portfolio of premium, brandable domain names at fair market prices, and to deliver the process in a prompt, professional and pleasurable manner.

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